Konstantinos Chatzis

Co Founder / Vice Prezident

I am Konstantinos Chatzis, honored to serve as the Co-Founder and Vice President of FREE&UNION, a passionate advocate for the establishment and enhancement of public skateparks across Greece. Our organization is committed to creating dynamic spaces that not only promote the exhilarating sport of skateboarding but also foster a sense of community, creativity, and inclusivity.

At FREE&UNION, we recognize the transformative power of public skateparks as hubs for self-expression, physical activity, and positive social interactions. Our mission extends beyond the development of skateboarding infrastructure; we aspire to build vibrant environments that empower individuals of all ages to connect, share experiences, and build lasting friendships.

With a focus on community engagement, youth development, and collaborative partnerships, FREE&UNION seeks to reshape urban landscapes, turning them into thriving centers for recreation and cultural expression. Together with our dedicated team, we are working towards a future where every corner of Greece echoes with the sounds of wheels on pavement, signaling the presence of inclusive and accessible skateparks.

Join us in this exciting journey as we roll towards a brighter and more interconnected future, one kickflip at a time.

Skate on,

Contact Info

Phone : (1)-1234-4444
Email : Contact@GoodLayers.com